2020 Alumni Challenge

Varsity Alumni Participation Challenge




This Challenge measures annual alumni participation with a twist. We’re going to rank each team through the points they have accumulated over the course of the academic year (July 1-June 30). Points are accumulated for every former athlete who supports his or her Friends program. The Challenge ends June 30.

Who Is Involved

This Challenge is directed to all former athletes of Dartmouth’s 35 varsity sports. Whether you give $25,000 or $50, your support will generate points for your former team.

What’s At Stake

Our sports are divided into four groups based on similar numbers of alumni. When the academic year ends on June 30, the leading program in each group will earn an additional $5,000


Individual Points 

  • Make a gift: 1 point
  • Gifts from young alumni (Classes of 2011-2020): 5 additional points
  • Make a recurring/sustaining gift: 3 additional points

Team Points

5 points for each percent of participation (e.g., 20% team participation equals 100 additional points).

Challenge Rules

  • This is a challenge between Friends programs. For gender-mirrored sports, the team points awarded are based on combined participation (men’s and women’s).
  • Only gifts made by former student-athletes to their respective Friends program will be counted.
    • Gifts to endowed funds, facility projects, the AD’s Fund for Excellence or Dartmouth Athletic Sponsors are NOT counted in this challenge.
  • Multi-sport athletes must support each of their sports to receive credit for each.
  • Dartmouth couples of a single sport only need to give once. Dartmouth couples of multiple sports must support both programs to be counted for each.
  • Alumni become eligible for this Challenge in the first academic year after their class has graduated.  Class of 2021 gifts are welcome but are not included in this Challenge.