With the incredible support of the Friends of Dartmouth Football, our program not only produces highly competitive teams—most recently the Ivy League championship in 2021—but we’re able to develop leaders who excel on and off the field.


Donors to the Friends of Dartmouth Football support some of the essential components of building a championship football program including:

  • Enhanced national recruiting to ensure our coaches can travel to elite camps across the country and visit the homes of key recruits
  • Technology upgrades that allow Coach Teevens to continue to innovate through the use of emerging and cutting-edge technologies
  • Strategic staffing including the hiring and retention of positional coaches, strength and support staff
  • Cutting-edge equipment such as outfitting the team with the safest helmets available
  • Targeted nutrition program that supplements each player’s individual needs for strength, power and speed
  • Team Travel resources that allow the team to compete in talent-rich areas of the country outside the normal Ivy League footprint

Sammy McCorkle head shot “The Friends of Dartmouth Football have been so supportive of the program in so many ways and your investment makes us what we are. I can’t thank you enough for all the ways you impact our ability to be successful.”

 — Sammy McCorkle, Robert L. Blackman Head Football Coach